Bylaws Committee

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Members of the TAAHP Bylaws Committee are responsible for reviewing the TAAHP Bylaws to ensure they reflect the goals and mission of the organization. When necessary, Bylaws Committee members make recommendations for changes to be considered by the TAAHP Board of Directors. Proposed changes to the bylaws are submitted to the Active/Voting level members for approval.

Bylaws Committee

  • Christopher Akbari

    Christopher Akbari

    President, ITEX

    Committee Member

  • Joy Horak-Brown

    Joy Horak-Brown

    CEO & President, New Hope Housing, Inc.

    Committee Member

  • Janine Sisak

    Janine Sisak

    Senior Vice President/General Counsel, DMA Development Co., LLC

    Committee Member

  • Toni Jackson

    Toni Jackson

    Principal, The Banks Law Firm

    Committee Member