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Recorded Webinar-Post Award LIHTC Development Best Practices

Broadcasted May 20, 2022

Developing affordable housing is riddled with layers of numerous requirements that often make even the best and most experienced multifamily developers stumble along the way.

This webinar covers the most common roadblocks, pitfalls, and mishaps that occur after a developer gets an award of Housing Tax Credits, and how can you avoid them.

  • Hear from those who learned it the hard way on the property management side, and from key TDHCA staff, so both Developers and Property Management teams can avoid them!
  • Learn key tips and strategies for an effective lease-up, with best practices in innovation and technology.
  • Understand how some promises made at application can impact your property’s long-term NOI, occupancy, and residents.

This webinar offers valuable information for developers, consultants, property managers, and others who have a stake in LIHTC development both before an application is submitted and after you’ve received a tax credit allocation. Property managers who are in the thick of managing a current LIHTC property will also benefit.

Non-Member Price: $89
Member Price: $59