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Recorded Webinar Taking the NOT Out of NIMBY

Broadcasted January 26, 2023

For some, just hearing the term “Affordable Housing” instantly triggers a negative reaction, especially when a development is proposed nearby. This stigma adversely impacts the production of multifamily rental housing in a state and at a time when we need housing affordability more than ever. This webinar brings together panelists with a diverse range of experience in facing Not in My Backyard (NIMBY) opposition. We will discuss the various ways NIMBYism can show up, from the community level to the institutional level, strategies to address them, and share real-world data and success experiences. This webinar is for affordable housing developers, local government officials and staff, advocates and others involved in the affordable housing industry in Texas. Audience members will leave with practice tips on ways to recognize, avoid and overcome local barriers.

Non-Member Price: $129
Member Price: $109