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Membership FAQ

Q: I’ve moved companies, can I transfer my membership?

A: TAAHP memberships are by individual rather than by company. If you paid for your membership on your own, then yes, you can request a change to your company affiliation. However, if the company you previously worked for paid for your membership on your behalf, they are likely to request a transfer of your membership to another employee. If you are unsure, we recommend that you connect with your former employer OR simply join again as a new member.

Q: I need to add an affiliate member, how do I do that?

A: Adding a new member is easy. Click here for detailed instructions.

Q: I'm an Affiliate member and I paid my dues, but for some reason, I can't access my member benefits, how can I fix this?

A: Affiliate 2 and 3 memberships are dependent memberships. For an Affiliate 2 membership to be valid, you must have at least one Active/Voting membership in good standing. For an Affiliate 3 membership to be valid, you must have at least one Affiliate 2 membership and at least one Active/Voting membership in good standing. If either of these memberships within the same company become expired, it will effect the dependent Affiliate memberships. Contact TAAHP staff to find out what you need to do to resolve the issue.

Q: How can I join a committee?

A: TAAHP does a "call for interest" for committees annually in June (by email). Members are invited to "apply" to join committees that interest them. The list of members is provided to the incoming Board of Directors who are charged with selecting members to serve for the subsequent board year.

Event Registration FAQ

Q: Why does it say "Not Eligible" when I try to register my co-worker for an event at the TAAHP member rate?

A: Your co-worker must be a current TAAHP Member in good standing to be eligible to register for events at the TAAHP member rate. If your co-worker is not a paid TAAHP member OR is an affiliate member but the member their membership is dependent on is expired (see details above), this could cause them to be "ineligible".

Accounting FAQ

Q: How do I request a W9?

A: You can make a request for a W9 online here.

Q: Are donations I make to the TAAHP Scholarship Fund tax-deductible?

A: Not at this time. While TAAHP has plans to launch a charitable 501c3 organization for scholarship donations in 2022, donations made prior to the launch are not tax-deductible.

Q: Does TAAHP use any of my membership dues toward lobbying?

A: No, TAAHP does not use membership dues toward lobbying and therefore 0% of dues payments are tax-deductible for this purpose.

Q: How can I access invoices and receipts for someone else in my company?

A: You must have "management access" applied to your account to access invoices and receipts for everyone in your company. If you have management access, you will see invoices and receipts in the Account History and "Pay Balance" tabs in your Member Compass™. If you only see your own invoices, you can request management access by contacting TAAHP Staff.